For more than 40 years, Marianne Isager has been among the leading Danish designers of both classic and modern knitwear. As pattern designer for hand knitting she uses her own selected quality yarns exclusively made from natural fibers, and she has been a constant contributor to the continuous development of the old craft. Through books, knitting classes, and not least a constant flow of new and inspiring projects, she has inspired both new and experienced knitters all over the world.

Marianne Isager (born 1954) grew up in a doctor’s family in the North of Jutland in the same region where she now has her workshop and shop, which attracts loyal knitting enthusiasts from all over the world in the summer months. Her career started in 1973, when she, as a young woman, met Knitwear Designer Åse Lund Jensen during a stay at Skals School of Design and Needlework.

This meeting was crucial for Marianne Isager’s future life and work, as she inherited her mentor’s company and workshop four years later when Åse Lund Jensen died. After finishing her studies at the Textile Department at the Danish Design School, she went on to set up the company now known as Isager Strik.

Marianne Isager’s yarns and patterns are sold in selected stores around Denmark, but her unique designs are known and admired in the rest of the world. Over the years, Marianne Isager has exhibited her designs in the USA, Japan and in several European countries. Furthermore, she has passed her love of the craft on through a series of richly illustrated book with knitting projects inspired by her many travels. The book Knitting Out of Africa, which features knits inspired by African textiles, was published in 2005 with great success. In the following years, Marianne Isager published Inca Knits and Japanese Inspired Knits, which takes the reader on a tour through the many rituals of the Japanese calendar year and features 12 patterns, which translate the unique Japanese aesthetics into Scandinavian knits. The designer’s latest books, Strik a la Carte 1 and 2, are knitting textbooks, which at the same time contain a selection of the designers most popular patterns, as well as many new designs.

Today, Marianne Isager lives 6 months of the year in Tokyo, Japan. Her daughter Helga Isager has become part of Isager Strik with her own brand Amimono, and her designs use all the well-known quality yarns of the company.